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Medicals products


The folding packages for medical products guarantee the protection of the product and the transfer to the distributors. It must also be easy to open without releasing particles. Withstands long-term storage, often for years, without changing performance.

Our range of SBS materials and paper designed for medical products enables us to manufacture high quality packaging products.

Folding boxes provide excellent secondary protection for individually packaged medical products, but also for multi-packs. Secondary packaging is an important tool in providing end users with accurate information on the package.

The custom packaging solutions we offer can contribute to safer and more manageable care by maintaining strict hygienic environments, ensuring high security and integrity of our packaging.


Packaging for the
pharmaceutical industry

The Pharmaceutical industry requires packaging that ensures the safety of products that serve health.
At Misung Paper & Printing Inc. we offer packaging that transports and protects medicines and medical materials from the moment they leave the laboratory until they reach the hands of the patients or medical and health personnel who require them.

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