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Carton packaging is an essential component of any product and requires the same level of care as the product itself, as it is necessary to protect the performance, safety and security of your product. Lack of attention to proper packaging can result in lost product, customer complaints, high costs. Shipping electronics in safe, high-quality, and sustainable packaging is one of Misung Printing's responsibilities.


packaging for electronics.

For the transit of electronic products, packaging is important, it can have a significant effect on the success of your business.
Misung Paper & Printing Inc. can design and manufacture your packaging in micro-corrugated cardboard, with a high degree of resistance and cushioning where static protection is not required.
Printed in full color to ensure your products stand out on the shelves.

Advantages of corrugated
microcorrugated cardboard packaging

  • Impact resistant microcorrugated cardboard packaging

  • Quality packaging, printed in color to directly improve sales

  • We keep you 30 days of inventory at no additional cost

  • Custom structural designs tailored to your requirements

  • We laminate single face cardboard in flute E, F, G


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