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At MISUNG PAPER & PRINTING, service, quality, environmental protection are our priority. For this and other reasons, we certify ourselves in different categories to guarantee our products comply with international standards.



At Misung Paper & Printing, quality is not only a system,
it is a commitment where all: Production, administrative staff, engineers, logistics and other departments are involved to deliver quality and world-class product

Our certifications guarantee our clients and the end consumer
the trust, safety and sustainability of our products.
ISO 9001:2015
Quality Management

International standard that ensures
our processes and products comply
with the highest quality standards

ISO 14001:2015 environment

International standard that certifies the mitigation of impacts and control of derived environmental risks of operations, demonstrating commitment and responsibility
with our planet.

G7 master.png
G7® Master Printer

The G7 Master qualification
indicates that Misung Printing
  has calibrated certain equipment
and systems with G7 gray balance
and curves of neutral tones, and it is
capable of delivering G7 tests and
printed products.

FSC® Chain of Custody

international standard
that guarantees the origin of products
from environmental forest sources
and socially responsible

Responsible Forestry.png
Forest management certification

All our suppliers
comply with environmental standards
The rigorous standards behind this
certification; protect the plants
animals and people that depend
of those woods now and in
the years to come.

GlobalSTD Good.png
GlobalSTD HACCP.png
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Quality Control

The high quality of the products we manufacture is our priority,

so that our clients receive products with international quality standards.
To carry out this process, our engineers and quality inspectors are constantly undergoing training to update themselves on systems and modern quality standards.

At Misung Printing, quality is not only a process but also a part of our manufacturing DNA.


We implement ERP to ensure quality control, in addition to the standardization of processes and formal quality records, we have a motivated, empowered and trained staff to make decisions, we have the best quality assurance and control system for a printing company.


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